LUXE RETAIL  forms your retail stores’ Sales Ambassadors.

Our forward-thinking approach is based on the interactions between OFFICES – SHOPS – CLIENTS, positioning the EMOTIONAL SPHERE at the heart of the trilogy:

Through the pleasure and sensations it provides, the EMOTIONAL SPHERE plays a key role in the sales performed by your brand ambassadors and in the purchasing actions of your customers.

However, although inherent to your brand, the trilogy OFFICES – SHOPS – CLIENTS often represents three entities operating separately and symbolising different universes.

The realities headquarters-field diverge and inevitably affect your customers.

These discords directly impact the emotional sphere of retail trilogy.

This is all the more strange when you know that your teams want to embody your brand, excel and give a unique emotional experience to your customers.

So how to measure the EMOTIONAL SPHERE ?
How to evaluate it within your teams?
And how to decode it with your customers?

This is the art of LUXE RETAIL.